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2005/05/13 09:01
Direct bus to Lhasa from Kathmandu Обратить на это сообщение внимание Модератораархив 

в начале мая я получила такое вот сообщение от одного непальского турагенства, с которым одно время переписывалась.
Может, эта инфа кому-нибудь пригодится.
01 May 2005.

Direct bus to Lhasa begins from today

Nepal has launched its first direct bus service from
Kathmandu to Tibet today so as to promote bilateral ties,
including trade and tourism.

The bus service was inaugurated by Hon'ble Minister of
Labour and Transport Management Mr. Ram Narayan Singh amidst
the function. The bus left for its 966 km long journey from
the headquarters of Sajha Yatayat, Nepal's state-run
transport company at 8:40 am. His Excellency Sun Heping and
high officials of His Majesty's Government were also present
on the occasion.

A total of 39 passengers, including nine Nepali government
officials, two reporters from Xinhua and 28 others, are
enjoying the first operation of the straight bus service.

The bus will meet with another straight bus plying from the
opposite direction with 23 passengers from Lhasa at the
Nepal-China Friendship Bridge between Tatobani and Zhangmu
ports on the border, where the two sides will hold a brief

"The straight bus service is a historic event and is
opening a new avenue between the two neighboring countries,"
Ram Narayan Singh, Minister for Labor and Transport
Management, told Xinhua, Chinese news agency.

Similarly, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Sun Heping said that
the initiation of bilateral bus service would further
consolidate and develop the Nepali-China cooperation in the
fields of economy, tourism and culture, and strengthen
traditional friendship between
the peoples of two countries.

"We will try our best at any cost to make the first
operation successful," said Mukunda Raj Satyal, executive
chief of Sajha Yatayat.

According to the Sino-Nepal agreement, the bus will be
allowed to complete eight trips every month.

A single trip will take two days, including stay at Lazi
County for one night. Passengers can carry five kilograms of
personal luggage and check fifteen kilograms for free.

The one-way fare for the two-day trans-Himalayan journey is
70 US dollars.

Sajha Yatayat is the sole operator of this service from
Nepal side where as the Himalaya Passenger Transport Co.,
Ltd., is the exclusive Chinese operator of the bus line.

Each bus will be staffed with two drivers and one conductor.
The latter can speak Mandarin, Tibetan, Nepalese and

In addition, the buses are also equipped with first-aid kits
and drinking fountains and provide souvenirs to passengers.

Currently, Lhasa is linked by direct flights from Kathmandu.
However, due to inclement weather in winter, the flights
remain suspended during the period.

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